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Welcome to Living Life To The Full,
Greater Manchester

Living Life To The Full is one of the most used resources for improving feelings, beating stress and boosting the ability to live well.

The modules, books and worksheets below have been made with award-winning Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry Dr Chris Williams. They’re completely free for all residents in Greater Manchester and are available any time.

Scroll down to watch a video and preview some resources.

Click the link at the top of the page to access the courses which include:

  • Living life to the full: Improve low mood, overcome stress, sleep better, build confidence
  • Enjoy your baby: for new parents: Discover how to build your relationship with your baby, boost confidence as a parent and rediscover time for you.
  • Reclaim your life: for people living with long term conditions. Your life is bigger than your illness - This course helps you discover a new relationship between yourself and your illness.

Also new book added:

  • Living life to the Full in your menopause: At a time when many things are changing- discover a range of key life skills that aim to help you cope with the symptoms and changes that you face.

Support in different languages

Click the link at the top of the page to sign up and access downloadable books in 15 different languages, including Bengali, Urdu, Arabic, French, Farsi, Polish, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. These books cover a lot of topics from the Living Life To The Full Main course, including feeling better and building confidence.

Sample Content

I'm Not Good Enough
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I'm Not Good Enough
Online Book
Try it now
Living life to the full: This range of wellbeing courses and e-books can be completed in your own time and covers a range of topics, including how to feel better, facing fears, getting a good night’s sleep, anger, sex and improving relationships.
    If you are looking to improve your confidence and boost your mood, choose Living Life To The Full. Enjoy Your Baby: course for parents of a new baby. The Enjoy Your Baby modules, books and worksheets can help parents enjoy their lives, build close bonds with their child, and maintain links to other important people and activities in their life. 
    The modules explain 15 changes that can help you and your baby feel better. 
    Sign up today and complete in your own time: day or night! Reclaim Your Life: support if you have a long term condition. 
    This group of online courses and e-books for people living with long term conditions can help you to make the most of life, helping you to manage the good days and the bad. Topics covered include making healthy changes, getting enough sleep, support for carers and finding ways to feel happier.
    Your life is more important than your illness: sign up today. NHS Logo